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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 7 months ago

I just realized I might want to be a teacher?

I'm about halfway through my first semester of college as a freshman. My major right now is communications, with a specialization in public relations and advertising. I've been on the fence about it ever since I declared it as my major, which kind of makes me feel like my heart isn't completely in it.

Because of this, I've been looking around at all the other majors my school offers and trying to see if there are any others I might be interested in. I got to talking to some of the education majors, and I suddenly realized I could really see myself being a teacher. I've always been around children of various ages, as I've helped in a daycare, babysat through my young teen years, and tutored some younger children when I was in school. But somehow I never considered that teaching would be a career for me until now. I've done some research on it so far and have an appointment with the college career counselor this week, so I haven't made an official decision yet, but I can really see this happening.

I guess my concern comes from the fact that pretty much every education major I've met so far are the types of people who have known they wanted to be teachers since they were very young children. It feels like one of those careers that some people are just born to do. Is there anyone here who didn't realize they wanted to be a teacher until they were in college, or even until later in life, who could give me some advice or wisdom?

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  • 7 months ago

    Relax.  With few exceptions (Nursing, for example) you really don't need to decide right now.  Talk to your academic advisor, a professor or two in the education department, and some teachers -- for example a couple of your high school teachers.  See if you can get into an Intro to Education type of class next semester.

    Some people are truly called to teach.  Many other people who are currently teaching don't enjoy the environment/culture or all the rules, regulations, and administrative duties.  Teaching isn't just being with kids, it is curriculum development, testing, meeting academic standards, sharing duties lunchroom monitoring, and dealing with budget issues.  

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  • drip
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    7 months ago

    Talk to some teachers. At the grade level you want to teach at.

    My niece has been a 1/2/3 grade teacher for years now. There are draw backs. When she was pregnant there was no maternity leave. You move states you may need to be re- qualified. You could loose seniority or part of your pension plan. You are always doing work after school hours. Even at the elementary level there are many papers to grade, lessons plans. You need to be at school for teacher /parent conferences, meetings and possibly after school activities. To earn more money you will need a Masters degree. My niece did it while teaching full time. It took almost four years.

    She is single and has her own home and car. In certain areas you can make decent pay. After almost 20 years she isn’t burned out. Although she is trying for a guidance counselor job now, which is what she got her Masters degree in.

    There are plenty of people are teachers who didn’t plan it from the age of five. Student can and do change their major once in college to teaching.

    Running a classroom is not the same as daycare, tutor or babysitting. My niece had 29 students in her classroom one year, with a quarter of them with special needs. It was hectic and a challenge.

    You may need to move out of state to get a job.

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  • 7 months ago

    Change your degree before it is too late

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