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Why doesn’t the defense get a “free play” when the offense is offsides?

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  • DEBS
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    4 weeks ago

    For defensive offside, the fact the play is allowed to continue is a major deterrent for the defense. The offense can take chances on a long throw knowing an INT will just be called back. That deterrent really isn't there for an offensive false start. I guess the defense could decide to have an all out blitz, but most players wouldn't be able to be involved s this is a split second decision. The QB would just throw the ball away as well. Add to that if it's not known which team the penalty is on, then the deterrent for the defense is gone.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Well in football teh play is dictated by the offense. I mean how would the defense even get a free play in that respect? I can get a n argument that the defense should be allowed to decline a penalty and still get a turnover(like say off. pass interference before an INT), but you can't give a free play on a dead-ball foul(false start would be the only way an offense could actually go offsides)

  • 4 weeks ago

    The offense has to be set before the ball is snapped. Even if the O doesn’t jump offsides but simply MOVES, they’d get flagged for a procedure penalty and the play would be whistled dead anyway.

  • 4 weeks ago

    How would they get a free play?

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