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How do I deal with all these stressors in life?

I am not married yet and I am a 28 year old woman. At this age I earn very less. I'm weak physically. I hate my job. How do I deal with this?

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    You get another job and stop worrying about being married.

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    how weak, if you can go for a bike ride , you'd build up strength. or a daily walk.

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    Work out what you could study of a nighttime

    Check out AIPC ok?

    So skill up then walk away smiling with quals

    and dollars.


    Very Best Wishes


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    Its time women acknowledge this. I think you need to make friends with the many women in your same boat & be honest with each other. Don't be influenced by other peoples agendas. I firmly believe that 100% of the male population and 20% of the upper female population, had an agenda that squashed the bottom 80% of women. Its time that 80% speak up more, they take it and say nothing. Though, I don't believe men are the enemy & I agree you'd do best with a happy marriage.

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    You need to seek out what is closest to your passion. That will motivate you because you will add value based on something that gives back more than it takes from you! Keep going! Take action! Find what you like! I am a guy who is committed to his home, not even allowed clothing (none!) and not allowed out, and I find joy in making people happy. :-)

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    Find a rich sugardaddy

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