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How to do more pull ups as a girl?

I'm a 5'4 18 year old female and was born with naturally strong, thicker calves and arms. The best I can do under a minute for my push ups is 40, but when I go to so pull ups I can only do around 6 and it's really irritating. I know that male and female bodies differ, so what can I do as a female to increase my pull ups? My goal was to get to 15.

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    I ran into the same question but I’m a guy and my simple answer was to become transgender, I got too nervous and changed my mind about the operations but if I hadn’t it would have 100% worked.

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    Do you do pull ups on a regular basis?

    You need to do the exercice more.

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    Keep doing them and get better. Lat pulldowns, etc to help.

  • Logan
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    You could do assisted pullups. This would allow you to do more reps and progress faster. I have done this on a combination smith/cable/pullup apparatus by connecting a chain between the upper cables and running it under my feet.

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    So far every answer you've received is wrong. I really would be amazed if you can do one correctly. I've been going to the same gym for 18 years and in all that time I may have seen a dozen guys do them correctly and no one do 15. If a man can do 18 chin-ups, a man between the ages of 18 to 25 will be placed in the 99th percentile of males with sufficient arm strength.

    To do then correctly, you must start from a dead hang and lift yourself completely so that your chin clears the bar and then LOWER YOURSELF COMPLETELY TO A DEAD HANG and repeat. However, if you really can do 6 chin-ups correctly (or even two) and you want to increase the number you can do, trying for more reps will not help. What you must do is add weight to your body so that you're lifting more than your body weight each time you do a chin-up. In time, you will be able to increase the number of chin-ups you can do. Make the weight heavy enough so that you can only do 2 or 3 before failure and do multiple sets (at least 5). As you get stronger (and you will!), increase the weight. However, it's imperative to do the exercise through your arm's FULL RANGE OF MOTION! As I've said, practically no male can do this. Most of them lower themselves part way to a dead hang and then raise themselves so their chin clears the bar. If they lowered themselves to a dead hang, they wouldn't be able to get up again. It's really pretty funny to watch, especially since once upon a time I surpassed the requirement of doing 18. I could do 24.

  • k w
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    1 month ago

    don't forget, rest up between sets, vitamins and ionic minerals, plenty of fruits n veggies.

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    Practice doing pull-ups a lot. As you said, males and females have a different body disposition and differ in body strength. Eat healthy, too, and get enough sleep. 

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