How to replace a wireless router?

I have two wireless routers, 2.4 GHz old product which I've been using since about 6 years ago and 5 GHz new one. I live in apartment, so have no distinct modem or that-like. When I unplug the old router from wall and internet cable and plug them to new one the same way, Windows 10 does never recognize the 5 GHz router on the network tab which's in task bar next to speaker icon, rather the old router name still appears on it. WTF am I to do in order to escape such a internet speed slower than 90s PCs.


All devices connected to this damn router are oftentimes disconnected, or become slow. Please help me

Update 2:

After trying to replace it with new one, can never ever access to admin page because the network status' disconnected.

Update 3:

A motherboard is a new model released in 2018, so my computer gotta support 5 GHz WFi for sure, whereas a laptop in another room where the router's been set is directly connected to the router via LAN cable.

I have no idea what the aforementioned discovery mode in relation to Wi-Fi is.

Both routers had LAN cable and power cord, and I used to use the other LAN cable for connecting between wall and a router.

Update 4:

Finally it seems to be solved. The problem has been Ethernet cable that an engineer of internet provision said has been incompatible with a new router's port.

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  • Roddy
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    10 months ago
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    In order to replace a router you need to know what information to set up on its admin pages.

    Once you know that, you MUST connect to the router with an ethernet cable to do the setup. Until the router is properly configured you cannot access it at all over wifi.

    The 'modem' which provides the actual connection to the ISP and contains your login details is incorporated into most Routers, so you need to access your new router's admin page to set the ISP side information up properly.

  • 10 months ago

    Does your computer support 5Ghz Wi-Fi?

    Are windows Wi-Fi settings in discovery mode?

    The router has to be properly configured first.

    Is your router really a cable modem? that has to be activated by your ISP to have cable access.

    A lot of unknowns here.

  • VP
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    10 months ago

    Answer erased due to a lack of participation...

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