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Is Britain overpopulated thanks to mass immigration?

UK population = 66.04 million

Estimated to be 80 million in reality

Area size = 242,495 km²

Australia population = 24.6 million

Area size = 7.692 million km²

Canada population = 37.06 million

Area size = 9.985 million km²

Yes Australia and Canada have large inhabitable parts where it's very cold or very hot, but even if you just count the habitable areas they're still way more sparsely populated than the UK.


catrin l - in 2008, there was an analysis of sewage systems and supermarket purchases of staple food items which estimated the population to be much higher than it is officially it is.

we have no idea how many illegal immigrants are in the country.

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    Yes and these immigrants breed like rabbits.

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    No. Not at all. Plenty of space innit. So much English countryside that can be turned into towns and cities 

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    And yet if you outside the cities, there is plenty of space.

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    It was overpopulated way before mass immigration. Now it's crammed to overflowing and beyond

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    Try looking out the window when you next fly over any part of Britain. We may have a growing population, but there is still plenty of empty space

    Remember, of the 66m people in UK, nearly a third live within London. At least 70% f UK land is unoccupied

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    Britain is doomed, too many immigrants...Aye we are all Doomed ' DOOMED ..Mr' Mannering

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    No we're slightly underpopulated because you need to have enough births to replace the dying population and we are below that rate at 1.8 per woman. (Should be 2+) 

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    10 months ago

    Yes, it is due to immigration.

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    10 months ago

    conservatives have been in government since 2010, they have full control of NON EU immigration

    brexit will not stop NON EU immigration

    conservative austerity has slashed border control funding, spot the real problem

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    Update. Re. The “analysis” of sewerage systems and supermarket purchases. I’d like to look at the data. Could you provide a link?

    Not really. When I did A level Geography in 1969, the population was estimated to be 100 million by the year 2000. You sound like Thomas Malthus.

    By the way, where are the extra 14 million people hiding?

    From the office of national statistics.

    “In 50 years’ time, there is projected to be an additional 8.2 million people aged 65 years and over in the UK – a population roughly the size of present-day London”

    Given that the birth rate has dropped significantly since the mid sixties ( the advent of birth control), who is going to keep the economy up and running? People could work until they die of course.

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