Yes or no...this is an interesting outline for DJ story. Is it inspirational?

In 1969, Bobby did college radio

First Turning Point: He flunked out of college. He had untreated ADD and was behind in his studies.

New Situation: He was discouraged; went to doctor to get treated; went to the military and decided for another goal.

Change of plans: He was determined to get on radio again.

Progress: He sent turned down but eventually got hired at a small local radio station

No point of no return: Instead of working at a repair shop, he decided that radio was his dream.

Complications and higher stakes: he faced racism/ jealousy/ lady got him fired/ accused of selling out for going to all white disco station/ got in trouble with the law

Major setback: felony on record (or blk stations didn't want him because he had a white wife or he wasn't blk enough)

Final push: Sent demos continually to radio stations. Hired at fairly new station. He was giving own show. Nobody listened.

Climax: Eventually his show got popular and the ratings boost. The show was added an extra hour.

The Aftermath: He became program director

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    Sure it's a good pitch, but what does that matter? It's your baby, you made it, conceived it.

    However? Not knowing the correct contacts can hinder you, for example: Spike Lee's "Do the right thing"

    He wrote it, but he needed help, Spike only wanted specific kinds of help, and? Certain studios would not help him UNLESS.

    So, he reached out, in doing so, the already established along with the up and coming actors and actress pooled together to help fund his child (his idea and script).

    Hope this helps.

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  • Andrew
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    9 months ago

    I would love to read this. It sounds incredibly interesting.

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