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Did the Jews alter our modern Bible in order to deny Christ and to exageratetheir victimhood.?



Update 2:

They have to rule and lie its what they do and the end justifies the means.

Update 3:

utube it

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    Your rewriting of history ,to suit your own perverted prejudices and beliefs , is at best pathetic.

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    In what did any Jews alter the message of the Testaments to deny Christ? They believe in the coming of the Messiah (Christos in Greek) They just don't believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah. They can deny Jesus was the Messiah without altering the Bible, just like I can deny the Real Presence in the Mass and the infallibility of the Pope without altering a word of Holy Scripture. We disagree on interpretation of the words. That's all.

    As for victimhood, historical facts show the Jews have been greatly victimized. They have been conquered and uprooted from their homeland several times. They have been degraded and disrespected by the people's they have lived among. The English and Spanish cast them out in the Middle Ages. Russia and Germany spared no effort to exterminate them. When they were allowed to live in England again, Disraeli converted to the Anglican church because no Jews were allowed in politics. Antisemitism still flourishes. Mr. Obama got more respect.

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    What a silly, childish idea.

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    Do you have any evidence of such?

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    Don't be silly. And you seem to have confused the silly libels against the Jesuits with silly libels against the Jews.

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    Naahhh... y'all altered.their rules for their messiah.


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    What utter nonsense, The OT Tanakh is still the same, U are making up lies if this is what U think.

  • Modern Judaism uses the Masoteric text of scripture dating from around 900AD.  The religion is a regrouping of the Pharisaic tradition.  Luther made the mistake of assuming that the Jews of Germany followed the same religion as Jesus and used their scripture as the basis for his Old Testament.  That left out rather a lot of the Old Testament used by the Essene tradition of Judaism and adopted by the Christian Church in the 1st century.  Catholic and Orthodox Churches use the much older Septuagint as their Old Testament.

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    Jews aren't out to destroy Christianity. Rather, the Christians used to persecute Jews.

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