Do you support foreign ownership , Grubbie does ?




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That's why you're such an idiot bates, anyone with half a brain will sell their house to the highest bidder. you wouldn't own a house to sell anyway, so what's the poin

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    Australia sold its soul to the highest bidder. We have all lost our country just so that a few millionaires could become billionaires.

  • 1 month ago

    Ok bates, if a chinese family offered you one million dollars for your house and an Australian family offered you eight hundred thousand, you would sell it for eight hundred thousand, is that what you are saying fvckwit

    • Aussie Battler
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      Block , unblock , block , unblock , fvcking coward. I p1ss on you.

  • 1 month ago

    I think it was a really bad idea to let foreigners who don’t even live in the UK buy houses. It has helped push prices up through the roof. So many Qataris own homes in the UK that they might use for a month or two a year but we are not allowed to buy in Qatar. It’s madness, most countries don’t reciprocate so we shouldn’t allow them to own land.

    • Centrelink1 month agoReport

      When white people want a level playing field were called supremacists.

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