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sandra asked in PetsDogs · 8 months ago

Tips on making a dog less playful/aggressive?

Anyonel have any tips on making her less aggressive and really playful (to the pt where she doesn't know it hurts when biting) when guests come over to my house?

3 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    She should have learned not to bite when she was 8 weeks old. If she had of been taught that back then, it will be harder now.

    I always run questions through google & most every question has an answer from google. I ran yours through google & up popped all kinds of information about your question. I will share with you what I found & then you can google your question to see if it matches what I have found.

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  • Jojo
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Age and breed of dog would have helped with answering your question with a more positive answer.

    However, basic training and strong leadership is what this dog needs.

    Meanwhile, ask your guests to ignore the dog, as any attention from them will be rewarding for the dog and it will continue to pester guests to give it attention.

    Its up to you to be a strong leader to your dog and train it to do as its told.

    If you don`t know how,to do that, then join a good dog club and you will be shown how to train your dog and make it respect your commands.

    Or, put the dog in a crate or another room when guests visit, and until its trained well enough to be under control.

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  • 8 months ago

    The dog needs to be TAUGHT NOT TO BITE human flesh...period! That is something puppies usually learn in their first 4 months, if they have decent half way"'tuned-in" owners, rather than being allowed to RUN WILD. Otherwise, DO NOT let her jump on or bite any guests.

    Leash restraint would be the bare minimum, to prevent guest & dog contact. But crating or putting the dog in an outdoor kennel may be required. Unless you WANT a lawsuit and/or to have the dog declared 'a dangerous dog", after bites are reported. This is likely to happen, since you cannot be BOTHERED to properly obedience train your dog to be able to do a sit or down stay when guests arrive, nor provide enough daily aerobic exercise to keep it calm - when guests arrive. A truly tired dog, is a better behaved dog, because it has - NO CHOICE.

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