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make a choice for me! please answer!!?

heyy so i have 2 choices: go to my first homecoming or go to new york! background info: my relatives from texas are going to new york to visit my cousins and my mom (possibly me), i dont't see them often, the last time i saw them was february, for my grandfather's funeral, but prior to that, i saw them about 2 or 3 years earlier. i live in pennsylvania so new york is like a 3 hour ride from me. then hoco: i'm a freshman and this is my first homecoming! i was planning on going with my friends and i got my dress and everything. i feel like i would miss out on a life experience either way but please decide for me!! thankssss

notes: can't go to both because i would have to go on sunday morning to new york, and homecoming is sunday night

also i go to new york in the summers so i've been there before but the reason for going is for my relatives that are coming.

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  • marty
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    9 months ago

    Personally i would go to homecoming. You only have a few more years to enjoy these memory making events but your family is forever.

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