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Best CD for storing scanned pictures?

I m planning on scanning all our pictures (thousands) and figure I d save them to a flash drive but I ve read that it s a good idea to have a backup medium. So, I figured I d save a copy to CD s. But, in my searching - again from what I ve read - seems CD s with RW are not a good idea (I don t remember why). There also seems to be some sites which state CD s and DVD s are not permanent; that over time they can erode or just become damaged in some way or another. Well, I m trying to save these photos for future generations so having them saved on something that will not be retrievable in years to come is useless. I read that external hard drives are also known to crash so it doesn t make sense to save them that way either. I figure going the CD route will be easiest and hopefully if I keep each CD in a paper sleeve, in a box, that they will not corrode or get ruined. But, there s too many variations to these blank CD s. Most have numbers with "X" measurements - I have no idea what the difference is with these numbers. Some say "brandable," most say "recordable" - I m not looking to record like music so do I need to try to find something that specifically states it can hold pictures? Will the ones that say recordable only save like music or something or will those also save pictures.

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  • 9 months ago

    What matters most is the storage, not the brand. Disks that are stored on top of one another will scratch or wear. Disks that are kept in a dark cool place last longer.

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  • 9 months ago

    I have made at least a dozen CDs of photos that I made using a digital camera, and some are 10+ years old and are still reliable. I just used everyday recordable CD's: brand does not matter.

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