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New tetras hiding?

I have a 34L freshwater tropical aquarium and bought 3 penguin tetras A couple of days ago to start my tank as recommended by the shop I bought them from. Two of the three seem to hide for periods of time, one up in the corner and one in the plants. Sometimes they swim together fine but as I haven’t had fish before I am not sure if this is normal behaviour when introducing fish into a new aquarium. Any help appreciated, thanks

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  • PR
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    10 months ago

    Raven is probably right - unless you can get some aged aquarium water from another tank, or from a tank at the aquarium store. This would require probably at least 1/2 aged water. The fish are likely stressed from ph and other values being off, and not cycled. The water is the fishes' air and it needs to have proper beneficial bacteria, etc. Plain water from the tap is not adequate and will not break down fish ammonia and other wastes.

    Yes, look up "fish tank cycling" or "aquarium cycling". 



    The "starter fish" often end up beginning the cycling process, but some will die.

  • Raven
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    10 months ago

    So it sounds like the pet store gave you no advice about cycling an aquarium? Honestly, you should have looked this up before you got those fish. You can cycle with fish, but some people think that's cruel to the fish. Please read up on fishless cycling! Return those fish! Have patience, cycling takes weeks. But when it's done you can add fish with no problem, and they won't be suffering.

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