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Can you get a blue belt in goju ryu karate in 6 months, training 3 times a week?

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    9 months ago

    Try MONEY, why put in the time for an arbitrary award, when if you just pay the management for the time, they won't care.

    Calculate the amount of expense to reach the level and pay the man plus a tip.

    Skip the Sweat. It will be just as valid.

    ACTUALLY: Belts are supposed to be SKILL, study the skill that is the level, it should not be how much you practice, it should be the skill point.

    Most "Martial Arts" are just a suckers pit. The Award is for Time (Money) spent, not the actual skill.

    What exactly is the skill of a Blue (or any colour) Belt, compared to others.

    Rank Belt Colour

    Ungraded White

    10th kyu White with tab

    9th kyu Blue

    8th kyu Blue with tab

    7th kyu Yellow

    6th kyu Yellow with tab

    5th kyu Green

    4th kyu Green with tab

    3rd kyu Brown

    2nd kyu Brown with tab

    1st kyu Brown with 2 tabs

    Are you being SCAMMED,

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