This is a computer for dummies question. My PC didn't come with a CD so how do I make one just in case something happens?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Because of the proliferation of broadband internet access & large capacity storage drives, optical drives are no longer part of standard PC equipment. With that said, PC manufacturers have evolved recovery options.

    First, PC manufacturers will have a recovery partition on the storage drive. This partition is generally protected from the rest of the system, but it allows you to reset the system to factory settings. Unfortunately, this does run on the assumption that your storage drive remains operational.

    Second, PC manufacturers will provide a downloadable recovery tool to install onto a USB drive. This will generally require you to visit their website & punch in your computer's serial number to prove you own the system so you can pick up system updates & the recovery software. This will usually require you to obtain USB drive that's at least 8 GB's or more & may require you to temporarily alter some BIOS settings (mostly to push the USB option to the top of the boot list), but it's nothing too difficult pull off.

    Third, you can create your own recovery DVD (because CD's don't have enough space) by purchasing an external USB DVD (or BluRay) Burner. While you can generally find disc ISO's, you'll need software to burn the disc(s) & there may be some drivers required by the OS to properly operate... so your performance may vary on this option. HOWEVER, I will note that a DVD-burner will run you around $30 & cost of DVD±R/W's will vary (typically averaging around $1 / disc or less, as you'll purchase in packs of 10, 25 or 50).

    Hope this sheds some light on the subject.

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    9 months ago

    you mean DVD disc player?  or the Drivers CD from the manufacturer?   If it doesnt come with a DVD player, then you just have to buy an external DVD player with a USB connection.   You can plug the DVD player to your PC....

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  • 9 months ago

    Google “create rescue disc” for whatever operating system you have.

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