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Question about Myopia?

Due to Agoraphobia, I have spent almost all of my time indoors, looking at the computer screen since I was 11, I am now about to turn 19. This problem has been solved, and I am heading in a new direction in life.

During this time I have become nearsighted, and things far away seem blurry, but become clear when I squint.

I can see in the dark, but again, things far away are blurry and seem out of focus.

I have been practicing using my eyes, looking at things close up and far away, as previously I would have only spent less than 20 minutes per day looking at anything other than the computer screen.

I will soon be making an appointment to see an optician, but now for my question.

What do you think is causing this? I know it is called Myopia, but given the circumstances, is it likely to be caused by an elongated eyeball? Or could it be the cornea being too big, or is it always due to the eyeball being too long?

Also, this morning I was trying to focus on things across my room, and my left eye began to hurt, throughout the day it feels like my eyes are quite tense, or slightly uncomfortable/aching. Do you know what could be causing this?

I know all of this is quite vague, and there are many variables, I was just hoping for some opinions and some advice.

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    Physiologically, myopia happens when the image focuses in front of the retina. It can happen because the eye is too long, the cornea is too steep or the lens inside the eye is too convex. Most of the time, we don't spend much effort trying to figure out which because it does not make any difference in how it is treated. We generally consider myopia to be caused by genetics. There are some environmental factors. For example, we know that people who spend more time outside while their eyes are developing are less likely to be myopic.

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    i would go see an eye doctor about it

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    i would go see the eye doctor and he'll let you know whats going on

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