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Adoption advice ?

Me and my sister decided to adopt a child. We both are not married and my sister would be adopting the child because she has a strong income source. I agreed to take care of the kid. We discussed all the important stuff that would happen after adoption. I told her clearly that she has to support the kid financially and she may get difficulty in getting married as our culture is not open to the idea of single mothers. She agreed to all and assured me she will be clear on this things. But recently I found out she was having an affair with a 46 year old married man with 2 teenage kids. And she was even ready to get married to him if his first wife don’t have a problem. But the man just went away to another country and broke up with my sister. She didn’t tell me anything and I found out about this from other sources. I confronted her. I feel bad but this future adopted kid would be our joint responsibility. 2 days afterwards we got a referral of a kid from the adoption centre. She may be the adoptive mother but i have to raise the kid. This affair is also over but she has this tendency to get intense and illogical in relationships with guys because this has happened before. I am insecure that she may just walk away one day abandoning the kid. She still assures me she would never do such a thing. I won’t be able to take care of the kid financially as I also have a aged mother to look after. Should I support her for this adoption?


Thank you soo much “Baby Boomer rock fan”. You answered my query without being scornful and not ridiculing me. I appreciate your understanding

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    I take it you're not in the US, because an adoption like you've described would never be approved here.

    But to answer your question, no, you should not support this adoption. It would be terribly unfair to the child.

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    In Troll society, the aunts always raise the children.

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    So much BS. Nobody ain't filed nuttin, and you left out the home study.

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    Neither one of you are suitable adoptive parents. You refer to the child as "the kid" and don't seem to really have any desire to raise a child other than to be financially supported by your sister. She doesn't seem all that interested in having a child either. Do the child a favor and allow him/her to be adopted by someone that really wants a child.

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    So she's your sister and you have an aging mother to look after but she doesn't???

  • Anonymous
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    My advice...get dog instead.

    Clearly you and your sister are unfit to be parents.😉

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    Are you nuts? This is a horribly bad idea. The child is not your "joint responsibility." It is 100 percent the adoptive parent's responsibility.

    You are both trying to defraud the adoption agency. Clearly the baby is for YOU, but you don't qualify. The baby is better off with anyone but you and your sister.

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