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do middle eastern countri es have it right in making women dress covered up from head to toe?

Allowing women to wear revealing clothing is no different than allowing people to watch porn. It tempts men to rape and think sexually about women instead of looking at women as humans, not sex objects. Many people like to call Muslims backwards for requiring women to cover up, but Muslims are completely correct. It s People should support covering up women. That s the only way women will gain respect.

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    Middle eastern (Arabs & Muslims) women are no strangers to rape. It is endemic in their societies. A woman who complains about getting herself raped:

    • Is frightfully shamed

    • Is accused of “adultery” even if she isn't married

    • May be arrested, jailed, gang-raped by police and jailers

    • If not jailed, may be murdered by her own family to “restore” their family's “honor.”

    • At the least, will be divorced and no other man will have her except as a prostitute.

    Being covered head to toe entices men, who want to see what she is like underneath her chador or burka.

    These women’s rapes almost all come to light when she is beaten badly and taken to hospital, where the rape is discovered. If she is not injured, she most likely will keep her mouth shut and tell no one.

    Source(s): Hundreds of news articles.
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    No, Middle Eastern countries do NOT have it right in making women dress covered up from head to toe... unless you choose to believe the restrictive religious garbage which was invented by arrogant manipulative idiots in order to control other people. BTW, don't click on any of the links below if you don't want to gaze upon feminine beauty.

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      Three more enjoyable ones - https://cutie-pie-striptease.blogspot.com and https://divinity-of-female-pubic-hair.blogspot.com and https://elena-may-striptease.blogspot.com .

  • Alan H
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    2 months ago

    I see cakes on display in a bakery; that does not compel me to go in and eat them

    I am not a puppet, but have self control. As I do with women

    Nor does it male me view them as sex objects.. Honi soit wui mal y pense

    It is NOT the same as porn, which is deliberately designed to be degrading.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    people who rape has a mental disorder.  Just like some people like to rape children.  Do the children wear something sexy?   

    I'm an adult man in the 30s.  What I think about moslems, well, they blame women for men dirty thoughts.   Women dont have to wear robes, just wear something polite like a blouse with jeans pants.  Women get raped no matter what they wear.  Even an older woman in the 40s got raped in the parking lot wearing an office suit with a coat. 

    In middle east, they live like it was the 16th century.  Remember Women in europe wear something similar to hijab when the countries were rules by the church?   But however, instead of that, there were many many bordellos and most men went to that place to find women they like. 

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Men need to police themselves. It's not the fault of women that some guys are too ruled by their reptile brains to function normally. But if your ideas are so good surely they're good for both genders and men should likewise wear burqas so that women don't get too hot and bothered by the sight of them.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    They don't make them (except in saudia Arabia) the women choose to cover to hide how ugly they are. Then they can pretend there's something really hot underneath. Many women don't let their husbands see them until they're already married, boy do the men get a shock.

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    I will tell you this. I have known and also corresponded with a couple girls in Iran. We are supposed to be enemies. I gave them a chance. One girl REALLY grew close with me. Soon after I first began corresponding with her, early one morning she began sending pictures and was VERY TERRIFIED. She was in the middle of a HUGE DEADLY Earthquake. We wrote all during it and the aftershocks. I mean really, her, her mother and little brother spent DAYS outside in FREEZING cold in their car.

    After I ask her what the HELLL was she thinking. She is about to die, and she writes emails to ME ? Because she wanted to love me she said, and she counted on me. O-M-G.

    One of the BRAVEST things I have ever witnessed. I mean the pictures fro her phone of buildings leveled, and she is right THERE.

    We continued and became really close. I actually thought she may be the one for me to have future with. THEN ...... I noticed she would NOT show any expression of affection. She said she can not show affection to a man. Well that is a REAL problem for a relationship isn't it ?

    See, she began by saying she was a Kurdish Girl. Then conveyed she is a Persian girl, NOT religious at all. She only lives in a Muslim country so it says that on her I.D.. BUT she is not like that. As no affection became an issue what I found was although she thought of herself as much like an American Girl, when it really came down to it, she reverted to the only thing she knows. She IS a Muslim. She always reverted to that. It was like dealing with a VERY sick mind to a free individual.

    Of course I can not blame her, this teaching is ALL she knows. The way she is. So that correspondence ended finally after a year.

    There is just NO WAY around it. A non Muslim does NOT mix at all with a Muslim. Like oil and water, Muslim is always in there and prevails because what I saw it was an instilled fear to go against it.

    I hope you all here can learn from this. Even though Muslim women DO resist "covering", they simply are NOT comfortable in public without the cover. This " Persian Girl wore only a scarf as a cover as many young Girls do in Iran. I once ask her because of where I live, if she had ever felt the Sun on her skin. Described how amazing that would be for her. Then a MAJOR mistake I asked if she would be comfortable in a BIKINI here on the Beach.

    She could NEVER do that. Muslim is Muslim, forget about changing that.

    * AND YOU HAVE A VERY PRIMITIVE view of Girl Skin. Obviously YOU have no experience with Girls. Where I live no one even pays ANY attention to a Girl in a Bikini shopping in our stores. Many do and it is completely NORMAL here. It is simply often too hot her to wear full covering clothing. Geeeze, if you are SO EASILY tempted you should stay in whatever country you are from, you DO NOT belong here that is certain.


  • Kelly
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    2 months ago

    Most women who are raped, are raped by someone known to them who they trust. It has nothing to do with what they are wearing or not wearing.

    Maybe instead of teaching women what they "should" or shouldn't wear, you should raise sons to not be a rapist.

    • Kelly
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      A lot of kids without a father, is the fathers choice.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    SO we control the women because the men are blameless as to their action if they see a little or a lot of female flesh - hmmm that is a sure way for women to get respect.

    Backwards? Not even close - prehistoric.....is more like it.

  • 2 months ago

    You're really lonely, aren't you?

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