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Starting ballet at 20?

I'm 20 years old and my dream ever since I was a child was to do ballet. I never wanted to become a professional and at that age I know it's impossible to do so. But that's not what I'm interested in. All I want is to dance ballet but I was wondering if I start now, can I become really really good at it? I want to become very good at ballet and I was wondering if it's possible. I have no dance experience whatsoever but I'm really flexible (I have all my splits), I have a good turnout and good, strong arches.

Again, I don't want to become professional (It's not even possible). I just want to become very good.

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    My daughter works at a dance academy. She just started a class Absolute beginners class for adults. For 18+ who have never danced before,

    This same studio has about a dozen dancers over the age of 50 taking ballet,

    Whether or not you have the natural talent to be a good dancer you won’t know until you try it. But if you try it and enjoy it, keep going,

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    I say go for it! Just because you are an adult does not [q~@]mean you can't dance. If ballet is your thing, there, are many adult dancers who even go en pointe. There are many studios and schools that offer adult classes. Some schools and studios even offer adult competitive teams and performance opportunities, if that's what you are interested in.

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    Try it and see. If you fail at becoming very good, you'll still be a better dancer than most people. And, you'll probably enjoy every minute of learning.

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    It's always best to learn anything while you are younger because you are at the highest capacity for learning at that time...but you can still start late.  I took ballet myself the summer before starting football in college, just to have better balance.

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    Yeah you can, but it's better when you start out really young as the practice will be much more noticeable to the trained eye/expert, when choosing for parts if you are going in that direction.

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