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Questions about Anavar: 23 year old female?

I am a 165lb, 5'5" 23 year old female. I began taking anavar orally 2 weeks ago after a cousin of mine recommended it. Please only respond to this question with helpful advice, and no comments putting down my knowledge/experience. I am simply looking for a safe way to use this steroid without causing harm to my body.

I started with a 2 week cycle where I took 10mg a day along with 2 pills of milk thistle. (5mg in the morning, 5mg in the evening, and one pill of milk thistle with each). I am now starting to take 20mg a day for the next 4 weeks (10mg in the morning, 10mg in the evening, and I am taking 1 pill of milk thistle with each dose again). I plan to go back down to 10mg a day for the last 2 weeks, making this a total of 8 weeks. 

What is concerning me, or what I am confused about, is taking the milk thistle as an aid to liver health. I read about taking something called N2 Guard, but I also read that milk thistle is enough as this is a mild steroid and is not as hepatotoxic. -- Am I taking the milk thistle correctly, as in, should I be taking 1 pill with each dose of anavar? The bottle of milk thistle reads not to exceed 3 weeks of usage, but I plan to do a cycle that lasts 8 weeks. Is this a bad idea? I tried to low key ask a pharmacist, but they had no clue what the steroid was (I live in Canada). 

Lastly, would you recommend a PCT? What would you recommend for this? 

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    10 months ago

    this is a good question!

  • 10 months ago

    Milk thistle is good. You can take MSM (organic sulfur) in addition - it taste bitter but at least, you do something good for your body. You can find it in the sport supplement section at ebay. Use powder. One teaspoon on a glass of water. It dilute better in luke warm water.

  • Petter
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    10 months ago

    Simple answer: There are no safe ways to use steroids, without causing harm to your body. It's only a matter of how much damage you will cause.

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