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What's my problem ?

When I'm driving, I get really nervous and I feel like I HAVE to drive fast when the light turns green because the driver behind me will get mad if my car picks up speed slowly, so I literally push on the breaks to go fast to match the speed of other drivers because my car has a little engine in it so it picks up speed slowly.. when the light does turn green, I get really anxious when the driver behind me goes in the other lane to get past me then they drive In front of me because I'm going too "slow" for them. It makes me really anxious and so I try speeding too because all the other drivers are going fast so I feel like I have to. I just get anxious when cars are behind me and the cars that were behind me get in front of me. Even when I'm at a red light and it turns green I try stepping on the gas to drive faster than the other car in the other lane.

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    That's a bad driving strategy. Yes, it's annoying when people go around you because you're not going fast enough. But keep in mind that 30,000 people a year die in car accidents in the US. Many of those are caused by speeding. So you're far better off just driving at your speed and not worrying about the other cars. They're more likely to be involved in accidents than you.

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    Ride the bus. People who can't handle driving don't belong behind a steering wheel.

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    Your problem is that you behave like a ten year old. If you can't calm down and adopt a more mature attitude you shouldn't be driving.

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    Mainly concentrate on driving safely and the road in front of you.....the idiots "back there" MEH.

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    It is an unsafe practice to speed because other drivers are speeding. Screw what other drivers are doing. Your primary concern should be your safety. Your secondary concern while driving is the safety of everyone else around you. Don't let what other drivers do or how they act control how you drive and effect your safety. If they can pass you, let them. They blow their horn? Ignore it! Or be a wise-****; bonk back, smile and wave, but continue doing exactly as your doing.

    If someone is tailgating you they are breaking the law.

    If someone is bonking their horn at you because they're speeding and you're slowing them down they are in the wrong, that is aggressive driving, they are breaking the law.

    So let them....don't risk getting yourself a ticket because some other idiot thinks they own the road and are the boss of all vehicles everywhere. It is those kind of people that cause accidents and get or already have a bunch of tickets because it's them that are bad drivers. Let them get another one...

    Let them pass, let them blow, let them flip you off. Ignore them.

    Obey laws, drive safe.

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