Collage, stuggling and Depression in Germany?


Im a 22 yo living in Germany, i'm originally from Russia moved to Germany for better education and better life, a fresh start. i mannged to learn German in a year and im still learning. the thing is in Germany people who come from country's that are outside EU they must attend an extra year a "collage year". I thought to myself i could do it. my gredes are usually average or slightly above average. I'm not a great student also i think im a slow learner I do like to learn but not the **** we are learning at colage I love computers I want to learn them I want to understand them I've taught myself a little bit of prgramming, and i've studied CCNA, cybersecurity and all that IT blah blah blah. And now the thing is in Germany inorder to pass collage you have to write 4 exams! "German,English,Math,Economeics" all of them are in German except English ofc. The thing is we started the year everything was OK and it started to get harder and harder and now i cant keep up i feel so overwhilmed i want to study but i just CANT im literally opening my books trying to understand the topics but i just cant understand them! no matter what i do i keep getting wrong answers !! now our classes have finished we are just waiting the exams. And at the last day comes our teacher telling that every semster around 2000 people apply to do the German Collage test and around 70 people out of the 2000 would Pass!

I cant fail.. my family they put alot to get me here! i'd rather die but not to fail. 

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