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Do all LCD screens use TFT screen technology?

I am Wondering if all LCD screens are TFT? Will LCD screens ever go away?

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    No, there are several different LCD technologies in use.

    TFT (thin film transistor) is one of the commoner types, for larger / higher resolution types.

    IPS (in-plane switching) & variation on that technology are very common - that presently has the widest viewing angle range.

    TN (twisted nematic) is still also very common in smaller LCDs and cheaper monitors/screens. They are cheaper to manufacture but have limited viewing angle range.

    LED screens are just one of the LCD types with LED rather than fluorescent backlighting.

    OLED & it's variations (AMOLED etc) which are now becoming commoner are totally different and unrelated to LCD types.

    With those, each pixel is made up from individually controlled LEDs

    It has a lot of possibilities but is still relatively new and still has some problems, such as areas of a display that are often very bright age and fade more, leaving ghost images similar to CRT "burn-in" in appearance.

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