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What Jewish holiday was on October 7th 2019?

My friend is a Messianic Jew and last Monday she said it was a Yom.....(something?). It can't be Yom Kippur because that was yesterday. I've been researching this and can't find anything on it. In her family, they all stay home unless the kids need to make up school work. She said they aren't supposed to do work, but they still can. I feel bad for not knowing enough on this, but if anyone could help I'd be really grateful!

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    “Messianic” Jews are not Jews! There was Rosh Hashanah on Sept 30 and October1. Yom Kippur was yesterday October 9. There was no holiday on October 7.

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    It goes like this, it is a 3 to 6 weeks celebration of God for the Harvest.

    Rosh Hashana or Jewish New Year Early September, Late August.

    Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur, Middle of September/October, usually a week to 2 weeks later. 

    Then Sukkot or The Feast of Trumpets, which is near or at the end of September/October , which is simply Israelites and Jews and Christians, celebrating God getting us out of Egypt and providing for us in the desert. Christians are encouraged to celebrate these holiday with Christmas and Ressurection Sunday and  Thanksgiving Day.

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    The traditional day of atonement for 2019 was October 9th this year. Do the Messianic Jews have a different calendar or holiday schedule? It's the only special day close to the 7th this year.

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    Last Monday was Rosh Hashanah, October 7th was not last Monday. October 7th was this monday

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    yom kippur might be for more than one day

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    Probably some Christian thing, considering the Messianics are just another branch of Christianity and not at all JewIsh.

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