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Need Specific building code for shower in dorm hall - drain too high off the floor?

In a dorm hall, with a shower about 30x30, the drain inside the shower is about a half an inch higher than the shower floor, leaving standing water in. The physical plant has refused to do anything. Can anyone give a specific building code that prohibits this from staying like this, or can someone confirm that they don’t have to do anything?

If anyone needs a specific building code, the city is ypsilanti, Michigan.

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    Get over yourself. The water won't do you any harm. If it bothers you mop out the water with an old towel and a bucket. I

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    "The physical plant has refused to do anything."

    Explain. We all don't live in your neighborhood so the Language needs explaining. It is different in other places.

    ...WHY DO THEY REFUSE.? Obviously, something was not built right and I would think that is the responsibility of the Physical plant. (or maybe it is not their department) You need to find this out. Explain to them either by hand drawing a picture using a pencil and a ruler to show the drain sticks above the shower floor. They, being handymen know that is NOT RIGHT.

    . Most likely they are the only ones that have the tools to fix it, otherwise they got to hire a plumber.(or raise the shower floor)

    - If you got a camera, even better for they can see "somebody flucked up"

    You may have to make the request at the main office for the office to order the guys to do the repair work. This is what you pay the college fees for.

    If the students were not there, the college would not exist. So they OWE YOU. You pay their wages with your tuition.

    I am not saying you have to remind them of that DIRECTLY (but maybe in an off handed comment you can slip it in there so THEY WAKE that FACT.) Without the students, they (all of the staff) lose their cushy jobs.

    I can't say it tactfully and generally don't. I point out Harsh facts and the schitt hits the fan.

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    you can ask down at the building permits department yourself. take photo of the problem with your phone and show them. you do need to know if the building is in city limits or is in Washtenaw County

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    Codes ARE NOT specific to dorms, and a floor drain must be at floor level ANYWHERE.

    What I can confirm is YOU are lying about the drain.

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    You will get your best answers buy call the dept in your city that has the inspectors and gives building permits.  Also an ordinance that applies to this may not be in terms of drain height in a shower, but in more general terms of drainage and standing water.

    My other suggesting is that you keep going higher in the administrative hierarchy until you get satisfaction.  For example, you actually don't own the dorm, so have you tried contacting the housing dept that assigned you the dorm in the first place.  If you get to the school chancellor/president and still don't get a response, the go to the press.

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    You need to figure that out on your own and contact an inspector or attorney. You should absolutely NOT rely on claims of random internet strangers.

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    maybe you should talk to someone at your college about it

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