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Who do you think punches harder ( if equal strength and sizeand experience) boxer or karate?

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    Impact meter used by Rocky Graziano register punches of about 800 to 900 plus foot pounds of energy. Mas Oyama -Kei Yushi Shin Ki- punched 1600 foot pound of energy and another time without certified witness 1800 foot pounds of energy . Oyama also did some Okinawan bullfighting where bull isn't killed- sort of like old Cretan bull dancer- and was known to hand chop off horn with Shuto Cassius Clay when using that name had a 650/700 foot pound punch on same design impact meter. Norris is Tang Soo Do- 20 years or so back toward end of fighting, beginning of filming did a 800 plus punch. Shotokan Dan rank did a 1200 pound punch for a JKA promotion California in early years- this would be 1980s(?) Van Damme is Shotokan- European demonstration start of movies, tail end of tournament had a 1000 pound punch. A matter of technique and conditioning- boxers do snaps and shoulder roll punches from training, many of Karate fighter do full body mass twist and punch.

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    i think they can both punch hard

  • 10 months ago

    Just stay out of their way, foreign and domestic.

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