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Bronchitis ??

For about a week, I've had this terrible cough and have been coughing up phlegm the past few days. Last year around this time, I had community acquired pneumonia, which I actually pretty crummy. This time, it's just this cough which is making it impossible to sleep. My doctor refuses to give me anything other than these mild cough pills which do absolutely nothing. The OTC syrup I'm taking actually helps alleviate it better. Other than this cough and being tired (which is normal since I haven't been sleeping great due to this cough), is it worth bothering with another doctor? 


I haven't had a fever this time around. Just a sore throat in the beginning before the cough started. My ear feels clogged, but nothing else. My PCP said it's normal when congested. I don't really feel bad, though so it's a bit weird.

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    bronchitis is almost always viral coupled with reactive airways. You can cough weeks. if you are worse, get re checked.

  • 10 months ago

    Sometimes these things just have to run their course, but it would be good to get a second opinion.

  • 10 months ago

    You call your provider and give an update. She may want to do further testing.

    You don’t need another doctor at this point.

    Edit: Dr Smith, my cough is still bad and has STARTED TO AFFECT THE QUALITY OF MY LIFE because I’m losing sleep. The capitalized words are imperative to say to your PCP.

    Good Luck!

  • 10 months ago

    Possibly you got a secondary bacterial infection which antibiotics can shift?

    If you have a sustained fever still then it's worth asking for a second opinion.

    * Even after a viral infection has passed, the irritation of the bronchi can continue to cause symptoms. Infectious bronchitis can also be due to bacteria, especially if it follows an upper respiratory viral infection. It is possible to have viral and bacterial bronchitis at the same time.

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