Do you think different races have different physical characteristics because of the environment?

For example, white people have paler skin because they're from cold places. Black people have darker skin because they're from very hot places. Oriental people have smaller eyes because of their eating habits.

In India, northern Indians have pale skin because the northern part is cold and southern Indians have dark skin because the southern part is hot. Same thing for Europe, southern Europeans are slightly darker, northern Europeans are fairer.

Then, Europeans are taller in average than the rest because of their being more athletic.

These observations are based on the long term (e.g. centuries).

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    Think about how humans would evolve over time if they lived underground, or in the ocean etc.

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    Just in the interests of accuracy:

    Pale-skinned people are pale not because they live in cold countries, but because they have far less exposure to direct sunlight than people with dark skins.

    Yes, I know that countries with less sunlight are cold countries, but the way you've stated it, you make it seem that it's the coldness itself that causes pale skins. It isn't. It's the lack of sunlight.

    You'll think I'm nit-picking, but accuracy in definition is the very essence of the scientific method.

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    10 months ago

    Yes. The fact is the different races were in the process of developing into different species. That's how evolution works. Natural selection eliminated certain traits detrimental to certain climates like black skin in climates with less UV radiation or a hairy body in warmer climates. And because of geographic isolation, new random traits and characteristics were beginning to develop separately among the different races. Each race fits into a certain environment (races with light skin but with the ability to tan can adapt to different climates quite nicely though, which is an evolutionary milestone, for it makes them more adaptable and increases chances of survival). Different climates and environments are driving forces of evolution if you really think about it.

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    I'm pretty sure that's been proven by science

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    Sexually reproducing individuals have different genetics because they have different mutations from different ancestors.

    Different races have different genetic characteristics because they were purposebred for different purposes

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    What you suggest is certainly plausible.  (Although the reason southern Europeans are, on average, more swarthy than Scandinavians probably has more to do with the proximity of more-swarthy potential mates, than it has to do with climate or other environmental factors.)

    We haven't figured out "why" yet, but we do know that as the very dark-skinned homo sapien emigrants spent a few dozen or a few hundred generations out in the wilds of Central Asia, that families seem to have started selecting mates in a way that specialized the features we now associate with "races", like skin colour.  The tribes that moved northwestward seem to have continued selecting for light skin (among other attributes), and those that moved southeastward seem to have continued selecting for bronze/gold skin.   We've also got to keep in mind that, after they expanded into Europe and North Asia, they were forced by weather to abandon those outposts in favor of refuges further south - and when that period was over, there was considerable movement between these groups (that is, "mixing") as the more-northern areas were re-occupied.

    We might never understand that, completely.  There is, no doubt, some social aspect of this selection process that is long, long lost to us.  We're basically talking about why young men chose THIS girl to mate with, and not THAT girl.  We don't know much about what Mankind did between the time they crossed the Levant and Arabia, and the time they re-occupied places like China and Germany.

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    10 months ago

    Northern Italians are white. Northern and southern Africans are brown. Only west and central Africans are black.

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    The original Homo sapiens had dark skin. People outside Afrika sometimes have fair skin because it makes it easier to make vitamin D from ultraviolet light. However, the Western Hunter Gatherer stock, who lived all over Western Europe, had dark skin. There is a connection but it's on a continuum.

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