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Underwear and bra on ballet?

I'm starting ballet this week and we have to wear a black leotard and white tights. I was wondering if you wear underwear and a bra under the leotard. Also, what if your breast is kind of big and you need support that the leo doesn't give?

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    Most dancers do not wear any underwear under leos/tights. It creates lines that you don't want to see. However, if you have a larger chest, yes you can wear a bra, but I would make sure it's covered up, if you can't hide it, wear a nude color one. I've got a larger chest myself (34D) and in ballet there were more days I wouldn't wear one then days in which I would. Make sure you have a shelf bra in the leo at a min. so you won't feel so self conscience about it. Have fun, pay attention to your teacher and the corrections she gives the class, not just you cause it might be something you do too or it's something that you might not have thought of yet to do, or haven't learned. Don't worry about who is better, who is worse, if you don't have the splits yet,'s just the beginning of a grand journey you are starting and everyone was a beginner at one point in their lives.

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    Yes you would wear a bra. You may want to get a black sports bra. My daughter never wears a bra, but she is nearly an A cup. Many dancers do not wear panties under their tights, if you prefer to, don’t wear panties that could show when you start to move.

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