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I am moving to England and want to get lots of TV channels with no contract..is Freeview a box you buy to put by the TV?

which contains all the channels or is Freeview inside a Smart tv, which costs thousands??

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    When you tune in your TV for the first time it will find 120 TV channels and 70+ radio. The Freeview is led by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and a huge list of recycled TV progs from the 1950's to the present. However you will need a TV licence to contribute your income to the perennial millionaire pensioners at the BBC.

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    Tv in England is not worth watching, I haven't had my aerial connected to my tv in about 4 years. I stick with dvds.

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    All new TVs sold in the UK come with at least a Freeview decoder built in which must be connected to a rooftop aerial (antenna) which most UK hones already have installed. A few also come with a FreeSat decoder built in which will work when connected to a Sky satellite dish.

    Smart TVs are also very commonly sold and in addition to the Freeview decoder include features which work when connected to a broadband internet connection. The vast majority of thise now connect via wifi but there may possibly be a few needing a wired Ethernet connection to a broadband router.

    Try Richer Sounds in the UK for some great bargains. John Lewis stores also do some excellent deals and as standard include their own 2 year product warranty.

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    Buy an Android tv box, connect it to the internet (wired or wi-fi - wired is best). Get Kodi or similar as an operating platform and away you go! You will also need to subscribe to a VPN.

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  • 2 months ago

    You only need a Freeview box if your TV is old and doesn't support DTV. (TV > about 15 years old)

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    Any smart TV with freeview (or freeview HD) built in just needs a proper rooftop antenna.

    You can also get a Freesat receiver that can connect to a TV.


    That may give other channels, but I don't use it.

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