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Looking for a cartoon that I saw as a kid?


It features a beautiful nature scenery that meets a terrible storm, and the storm clouds actually talk and laugh at the destruction that it is causing to the land. In the end the storm leaves and says Ill be back, and then the beauty is restored in the end. I think it may be Looney tunes or Merry Melodies. Can someone tell me the name?

Update 2:

All unfortunately Yahoo answers would not let me delete this question, and I'm already pissed about it. I dont know why. Please read the ******* update to the question before responding dumb *** responses. Thank you!

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    Maybe "To Spring"? It was a Happy Harmonies cartoon about gnomes getting ready for spring but a storm comes. Theres really pretty scenery as well. That's the only one that comes to mind.

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    Ok was it a moronic square imbecile with a pink fatso as a friend?

  • 1 month ago

    Ana bel jem3a I can't handle this

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    That question needs a lot more details.

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    Um... good luck.

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