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Currently I’m working as a mobility driver, (chauffeur) but I have my Class B cdl?

I’m currently chauffeur driver (part time).  The company I work for has FULL TIME positions, class b CDL =Full time-benefits-Over Time Rep’d by a Union etc.  We Chauffeur’s (same company) do not have this, we’re part time. 

-I’d recently got my CLASS B CDL when I was hired  The only reason I’ve not put in for CDL DRIVER is because my boss, in the chauffeur section- told me he’d train me as a dispatcher. I trained once,  next thing I know, I realize another person was being trained steady every day. I applied for the bus position yesterday. But I feel shady in a weird way. Am I wrong for jumping ship?

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  • Geo
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    8 months ago
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    If they won't give you a Full Time position, you owe them no loyalty. And they know it.

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