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why does my eye always tear up all the time?

its always tears up and they always close like something is in them but there isnt so does anyone know what this is and why its happening and how i can stop it

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  • Joe
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    1 month ago

    Do you watch a lot of sad movies ?  Read a lot of sad books ?  Are you an Empath ?

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    Try an allergy supplement like Zyrtec, that’s what I did when my left eye was constantly tearing up in the beginning of this year and it did help. That may not be the solution for you but it could work.

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    My two guesses are this

    Dry Eye - Extremely common and nothing to worry about. It involves the feeling of something being stuck in your eyeball. It usually comes with age, but can happen with anyone. This is usually self diagnosable, but going to a doctor for treatment will help. They may provide eye drops that give more moisture in the eye. Although it is called dry eye, dry eyes usually get watery. They can be painful, but it doesn't last long, only around a few months. With treatment, it takes less time to get better from dry eye.

    Allergies - Allergies cause irritated and watery eyes. They are usually not something to worry too much about, but doctors should diagnose you so you know exactly what you are allergic to, and how to treat it. Feeling like something is in your eye is common with allergies, especially if you scratched it. If these symptoms are seasonal or they have happened before, you can suspect allergies. A friendly reminder: allergies can happen at any time of your life, so it could have just developed.

    The last piece of advice is to see a doctor. You never know until you ask. I wouldn't worry too much about your symptoms now, but knowing what is wrong is important.

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      thank you so much jayden :)

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    Sounds like irritation

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