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Is sex with a condom still sex?

I had sex with this guy and I’ve never had sex with a condom before so it was new to me. I’ve tried it before with one but couldn’t so I’ve just had unprotected sex before. Anyway, I really wanted to have sex with him and now I feel like it wasn’t intimate because he wore a condom. We went down on each other but we had sex with a condom. We did it twice without a condom but for only a few seconds so that doesn’t count. I feel like I wasn’t intimate with him because of it and I can’t say I’ve had sex with him. I’d that true? Or am I overthinking it? Does it count as much? I'm worried I wasn't intimate with him

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  • Vicki
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    10 months ago
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    If a penis enters a vagina, it is sex. Just because you were using protection, does not make it any less sex. It's sex.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    The minute that penis went into your vagina, you are no longer a virgin. Even if it wasn't flesh on flesh.. FLESH was inside your FLESH. You had sex, full intercourse. You can no longer claim the title virgin. My first sexual encounter with a young lady was also her first time. I got halfway down into her (no condom) and came because I was overly excited. I hadn't been in her less than 2 minutes before I released. So, its not like were had half an hour of fun. Half in, half out, that 2 minutes changed her, no longer a virgin. me either.

  • 10 months ago

    Are you a woman or a man? I'd bet money you couldn't tell if he was wearing a condom if you didn't know before he started.

  • kelvin
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    10 months ago

    of course it is and it doesn't matter how long it is either

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