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ASAP help!!!! Tooth problem?

This morning I found a brown stain on the side on one of my tooth. I am scared and I am trying to research everything I can about it. Is it a cavity but it doesn't seem like a hole? Will baking soda and water help, like some people say? WHAT DO I DO?

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    Does it hurt? It could be enamel darkening, maybe not flossing properly. Try activated charcoal: apply the powder with the brush, for best results hold it there for about 15 min, rinse and see if there is improvement.

    Uncle Harry's reminiralising clay toothpaste is great for maintaining oral health if you would like to give it a try. My last x-ray revieled healing of what once was a cavity! Note: I don't drink soda, maintain healthy lifestyle and brush my teeth religiously.

  • Bill
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    12 months ago

    go to a dentst will be what you should do

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    You go to a dentist, that's what you do. Or, you can f*ck around with internet advice and silly folk remedies until your tooth falls out or your gums get infected or something.

    Your choice.

  • 12 months ago

    I think you ate chocolate chips yesterday.

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  • KennyB
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    12 months ago

    See a dentist. It is not a cavity but it may be a precursor to one. Only a professional can tell you want it truly is.

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