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Why are people ignoring this?

Our sewage system is contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide. WAKE UP. DO your research!

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  • 12 months ago

    Ohhh, you soooo smart! You should run for president of the 1st grade class!

  • 12 months ago

    Most jokes are funny the first time you hear them, but this one has been posted here hundreds of times.

  • David
    Lv 6
    12 months ago

    Only 30 years late with the joke.

  • 12 months ago

    Really? Anyone old enough to use Y!A has probably heard a variant on that theme, at least once.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Oh no! Not dihydrogen monoxide!! I hear that it's Extremely Lethal in High doses!

  • .
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    I tried making that joke here once and got schooled instead by some lame-o's

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