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Are there Wifi antennas that can go on smart TV and pick up any type of wifi signal from miles away?

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    Not for a reasonable price.

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    wifi has a max range of 30 to 100 ft, depending on the antenna.

    you cannot get a reliable signal further than that without special equipment AT BOTH ENDS of the signal (not wifi antennas).

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    Pick up? Sure, any antenna will do that. At a useful level? Depends on everything in the transmission chain, from the transmitter to the receiver.

    Problem is, though, that usually smart TVs don't have an external antenna connector for WiFi - most of them even lack a connector for Ethernet. So you might have to get a bit more creative, worst case you'll have to use an external computer (like a RasPi) with its own WiFi transceiver and antenna setup.

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  • 10 months ago

    External directional gain antennas provide some improvement in range,,miles, I just don't see happening.

    Terrestrial TV is a different animal altogether.

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    I doubt it. But why would you even want to do that? Wi-Fi is meant for short range communication. Yes, there are very high-range Wi-Fi antennas, but they're not meant for TVs at all.

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    Nope - WiFi is LOCAL; without additional tech local means 30 to 100 meters in the open. With walls it's much less.

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