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I'm dreading getting my wisdom teeth out. Advice ?

I worry if I do iv sedation that I will die or say something bad. I worry that if I do laughing gas or any other method I might act or say something stupid. I will probably need something to calm me down lol. 

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    You worry too much. My experience, they gave me a pill to take (don't remember what it was) an hour or so before the procedure, this sort of calms you down. Once in the chair they gave me the laughing gas which made me not care when they put in the IV. Then they inject the medication in the IV and the next thing you know it's over.

    I don't think you want to be awake for that procedure. I was awake when I had other teeth pulled, it's not pleasant, even though it wasn't painful (loaded with Novocain). I'd druther be asleep for any future tooth extractions.

    The IV sedative won't kill you unless they give you way too much. If you die you will never know it anyway.

    Look at it this way if you don't get your wisdom teeth out you will be undergoing lots and lots of painful dental work in the future that all could have been avoided if you had gotten your wisdom teeth out at an early age.

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    I had IV sedation for knee surgery, you are worrying over nothing, I has gas for my wisdom teeth and regretted it, but it was too late, I just had to live with may want to get a holistic dentist/surgeon to extract them, they treat the surgery with ozone , they pulled some of mine and I never had a problem with dry socket or pain, their pain meds are so awesome, you can drive, not drowsy, no pain I just wish I had had a holistic dentist sooner. I'll never go back to dial-up.......

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    I was put out when I had my wisdom teeth removed in early 1970s. Easy peasy. No adverse aftereffects. Have since had two teeth removed (in past 3 years) but not put out for them - just had the novocaine and experienced no pain whatsoever. Still - I was nervous before each procedure which is only normal. Just try to think of something relaxing and good luck.

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    It's not that serious

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    Ok thanks for letting us know

  • Rick
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    Have you ever BEEN sedated before ??? Some people ARE 'allergic' to it ................

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