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Lost snake in garage?

My snake got out in my garage, there are no cars, but there is a lot of stuff. I checked behind the fridges, and put out his tank and a frozen mouse overnight. I was thinking if buying a live mouse and seeing if that works, maybe the smell will be stronger? Any other suggestions? Ive looked for hours and I hope he did not get outside...

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    Snakes may have catlike personalities, but they are not cats. They don't go back to their cage or come looking for f/t mice. You have to actively look.

    Snakes like to hide, and thicker bodied or fossorial snakes will generally stay close to the ground. Ratsnakes will climb. To find a ratsnake, look in places you wouldn't expect snakes to be, but would definitely expect to find mice. For all snakes, look under large appliances, especially fridges and freezers. Snakes will coil up near the heating elements underneath those places.

  • 1 year ago

    Oh man, that's a bummer. Look around your garage and see if there any very small holes that he could have fit through. If you find even one, I think you might have your answer and I'm very sorry. If it's well sealed, you can try the following-

    1. Flour. Spread some flour over your garage floor, heavy enough to see a footprint. Do this right before you go to bed. If you notice the flour has been disturbed with "slither" marks, he's still in there.

    2. Set up a frozen, thawed mouse somewhere undisturbed and also try and find a clip lamp or other lamp that you can bend close to the ground and shine a light on. Snakes likes to eat and they like the heat, so if you can do this set up, you might be able to catch him.

    3. Carefully move things around in your garage to make it easier for you to catch him when the time comes. My brother's snake was lost in my mom's house for 4 weeks straight, but every prey item my brother put out to lure him was taken, but the snake would take off. Finally, we noticed flour moved in my step-brothers room, but we still couldn't see him, but were able to move everything to a corner and block off the door and about a day later, we caught him in there because he had no other place to go.

    I'm really REALLY hoping that you find him, friend :(

    Also, word of caution, the longer they are out, the wilder they seem to become. If you do end up catching him, I highly suggest you protect yourself with some good gloves, a snake hook, or fine-mesh net. When we caught my brother's, he was snapping and puffing up and all sorts of crazy. It took him a full two months to kind of become "domesticated" again and calm. They got a taste of freedom and it's like they don't want to turn back! So be careful.

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