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Organized Refrigerator? Do you have any special / unique tips on how to keep your refrigerator organized, so very little food goes to?

waste (as little as possible). Thanks.

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    It isn't the fridge that needs to be organised, it's shopping. Don't buy things you don't need. Plan menus and don't impulse buy.

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    Some very good ideas here. My comment is that you need to think frugal, meaning, plan your meals ahead of time. Incorporate left overs with your meals when you can, may be even to the point of just preparing left overs once or twice a week. Take some for lunch. And finally, look into vacuum sealing, and freezing some of the left overs. The organizing is not so much positioning food into groups, but the organizing the use of the foods, and not over buying.

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    One of the tricks to keeping food from going bad earlier than it should is keeping the fridge clean. Professional chefs clean their fridges every single day. The rest of us don't do it as frequently as we should.

    A Jewish friend looked in our fridge once and was impressed with the fact we keep our fridge kosher. The cheese is all in one drawer and other dairy is kept at the top part and the meat is stored at the bottom. It has everything to do with avoiding cross contamination.

    I can't count how many times grocery store baggers cross contaminate by bagging raw meat in with deli meat or cheese or with fresh fruit and veggies.

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    A great tip is to check your fridge every week to see what you have and make visible the stuff you want to consume or cook for the week. We tend to forget what we have especially if it is not visible to the eye. Another great way to organize is to group the stuff you put into your fridge. You can sort them as beverages, produce, meat, fruits, etc. Some parts of the fridge are made to specifically store things so make sure to utilize it properly. Cleaning the fridge regularly also reminds you of the things you have and gives you the opportunity to throw away the perished ones.

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    Manufactures of specific refrigerators often have recommendations for areas in the fridge, for specific food groups. Just like a home, refrigerators often have warm or cool spots due to air flow and such. You can figure these out yourself thermometer. Moving it around in different areas for a few hours and such. Or 24 hours if you have one that gives you 24 hour highs and lows and such. Match the patterns in your specific fridge, to the food storage.

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    organization isn't the cause of food going to waste. the cause is you not looking in there often enough to USE what you have.

    Before each meal, go through the fridge quickly to see what you have, what you need to use up and then use it.

    Maybe you can put left overs on a particular shelf if that helps you.

    I never have that problem because I always check to see what I have first before making a meal or snack. AND I did that when I was younger and had 4 kids and a husband to feed.

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    LOOK at everything at least once a week. No matter how you arrange the contents, The key is actually USING things and that can't be fixed by what is placed where.

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    Keeping food from going bad is more a process of how much you buy. No matter how you set it up, if you buy too much it will sit and spoil. Think about how much food you will consume in a week at most. Then buy amounts that will be used in that time. Of course condiments and many packaged foods keep longer. But for perishables like fruit, veggies, left overs. Plan for a week and then toss.

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    it's not the refrigerator's fault if you over buy. what I do is take food that goes bad in the refrigerator as either a sign that it wasn't a good quality purchase or that I dislike that item and shouldn't be buying it at all. [example: sour cream -- i care for it so little that I no longer buy it at all.]

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    The best thing is to have the fridge positioned so you can see in. Under counter fridges are difficult to see clearly. Mine is now on a stand so I can see in pending reorganization of my kitchen. You are supposed to have uncooked foods below cooked stuff to avoid contamination but I never really worry about that. A shelf for protein stuff, another for veg, and liquids in the door. Don't overstock it so that you make sure you use things before adding more in. 

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