As a Westerner with a Western family, what country should we live in to continue our culture?


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    Western culture now is not purely that of one country. Western culture is now inherently a mix of traditionally European or British culture plus immigrant culture. So to have current Western culture, it takes being part of a mix.

    Yes, we can look back on the history of the West and see many things worth keeping, but those days are long-gone. Remember, the Left views white people as inherently bad, so any attempts to promote traditional Western culture- “white” culture- will not be welcomed, even by white people.

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    I like westerns. Mostly "the tombstone" with Curt Russel!

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    What country are you from? Live there.

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    Even though you're a Westerner, Icelandic culture will not be your culture. It will be a different culture, so to move to Iceland to preserve your own culture is self-defeating, unless you want to be one of those immigrants who refuse to integrate? I've seen Americans get a culture chock moving to Denmark, because they think, "Oh, it's a Western country, sure, they are more liberal, there'll be slight differences, such as the language, but it will be more or less the same as where I came from."

    But it isn't, and I suspect the gap is even wider for Iceland. And that's where it gets difficult, and people struggle to fit in and either make it, or not. 

    Plus, one does not just simply move to Iceland. If you're not an EEA/EU/EFTA citizen, it's notoriously difficult.

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    ...your own?

    (Beyond that; wherever you meet the visa requirements; you can't just move to another country without one)

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    You can't just move to another country, you know. You'd be an illegal alien

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    I think we've invaded enough countries. We should leave everyone alone now.

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