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Does running burn arm muscle?

I am a girl if that helps. Ive build a lot of upper body muscle with calisthenics, but lack in cardio and am considering getting into running again. Nothing crazy, maybe like 2 miles 3 days a week. Will it burn a significant amount of muscle, or help me lose fat? Thanks!

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  • Eva
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    1 year ago

    Your body uses glucose first, then fat, then muscle. As long as you stay within your aerobic threshold and your body has adequate fat reserves, you won't burn muscle.

  • 1 year ago

    Running 2 miles at a time is not going to burn muscle. As you exercise you burn sugar (glucose and glycogen) in your blood and liver. Then when you get a "second wind" your body switches to burning fat. You will feel this if you get to the point where you really, really, want to stop exercising but then push through to where you feel good again.

    You would have to get well past that point to start burning muscle.

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