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How do I make my camera battery work?

About a year ago I bought three extra batteries for my Lumix GX-85. They all worked as they should until recently, when one of them now brings up a 'this battery cannot be used' message when put in to the camera. I don't understand how this could have happened to only one of the batteries. Any ideas on how to solve? Thanks 

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  • Frank
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    2 months ago

    Unlike a AA battery, batteries like the one used in your camera have electronics within them. These electronics allow the camera to determine the condition of the battery, and its brand. Nikon is notorious for this kind of greedy BS. Nikon cameras will not work if you do not use a Nikon branded battery.

    If the battery that doesn't work was not a Panasonic while the other batteries that do work are Panasonic, then your camera is not working simply because Panasonic made it so that the camera fails when using a non-Panasonic battery. However, if the battery is a Panasonic branded battery, then the battery is just dead and needs to be replaced. Check your receipts to see if you have a warranty claim or not.

  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    Once it's deemed unfit for use by the camera, there's nothing you can do about it. If it's under the warranty period, great, you can have it replaced. If not, dispose, properly, and simply get a new one. Since you still have 2 extras, it's fine. You can survive with just 2.

    Batteries have limits. Capacity, operating temperatures, frequency of usage, number of times recharged, etc. You just can't win them all. That's the whole point of getting more than one, which you actually did, and you're still left with two, which is fine so no problem.

  • don r
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    2 months ago

    If left fully discharged for long periods, the battery will degrade to the point it wil not charge at all.

  • 2 months ago

    One year is an average lifetime for lithium ion batteries. They can erupt into pretty purple flames if you try to make them work again, be careful. You can google and read about them. Good new is you can still buy new batteries.

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  • 2 months ago

    If a lithium battery is left flat for even a fairly short time, just a couple of weeks or months, the cells can start to short out and the battery is wrecked.

    If you are going to store them for any length of time, they should first be charged to around 50%.

    (Not fully charged - that accelerated degradation).

    You can even put them in the fridge [not freezer], sealed in an airtight zip bag. That virtually stops any aging and degradation - but let them get back to room temperature before unsealing the bag, to avoid condensation.

  • 2 months ago

    So, that one battery has gone bad. 

    Get another one. 

    All batteries will eventually fail. 

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