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Pressed something on Logitech wireless K400r keyboard. Now computer screen is black and monitor won’t even turn off. ?

My cat kicked my keyboard out of my hand and I caught it, only to press something(don’t know what) and the screen to go dark. My game hasn’t saved and I would rather not restart the computer if I can avoid it. Suggestions to fix this?

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    Try pulling the power from the monitor. Leave it unplugged and press the power button on the monitor for a few seconds. Then plug in again and see if this fixes the issue. Another thing to check is the connector from the monitor to the computer. It may look like it's plugged in ,but there still could be problems. RESEAT the connections by taking them out and gently putting them back in. Sometimes they come loose just enough to stop sending signal. (It may have nothing to do with your keyboard. )

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    12 months ago

    I dont see a question anywhere so oh well. 2 points for me lol

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    12 months ago

    Are you sure the cat didn't also knock the monitor cable out? If not, it's probably one of the f keys.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Ask a question, nitwit.

    You've been reported.

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