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I am going on holiday for first time to Venice what do i take with me?

I'm 30 first time going on holiday.

What do i take with me?

I am from UK, where do i turn pounds to Euros?

Will i need UK to Eur adapter to charge my phone?

Will my phone work to make calls?

Will internet work on my phone in public places?

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  • 8 months ago
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    You can get euros before you go, or use the cash machines once you get there to take money out in euros. You'll need a plug adaptor for your phone. If you have an international plan with your carrrier, you'll be able to use your phone.Depending on the plan, you may get a certain amount of data free, but phone calls are usually a small charge per minute. Your carrier has to have an agreement with the carrier in Italy. When I've traveled, I sometimes have to shut my . phone down and restart to connect with the local carrier. Sometimes it automatically connects.

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  • bubba
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    8 months ago

    clean undies ..............

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  • 8 months ago

    You will need an adaptor if you want to use your charger

    Your phone will work, but you'll need to turn 'roaming' on if it's not already enabled. The internet will work; check with your provider if you're likely to incur any additional costs using it abroad.

    You can exchange GBP to EUR in post offices, and at lots of other bureau du changes around the UK

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  • 8 months ago

    travelling items in small bottles because you cannot bring full size to airports

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  • 8 months ago

    After Brexit (if it ever happens), mobile roaming charges may go up abroad, so check your provider's website before you go to see what the charges might be.

    For what to take with you:

    Check what your hotel provides (shampoo, body wash, hairdryer etc). If it does not provide these, take some with you.

    Clothing: Check the weather forecast to see what temperatures are while you are there. Take clothing according to the weather. If you are going when it is warm but cooler in the UK, wear warm clothes for the journey so that you can wear them on the way back.

    What I take for charging my phone (and boiling my little kettle) is one of those 3 pin plug ins with USB ports (IKEA and various other shops do them - Lidl have them sometimes). I then take a European adapter so I can plug it all into the sockets at the hotel.

    For money exchange, get some Euros before you go. Useful for transfers from airport to hotel or a coffee on arrival.I use the Money Savings Expert travel section of the website

    This time around, I found a good rate at a local travel agents. The Post Office usually has reasonable rates. Do not exchange at the airport on departure or arrival. The rates will be lower.

    If you intend to use cash machines, tell your bank before you go.

    I don;t know about wifi. Check with your provider, or check to see if Venice has free hotspots.

    Packing tip: Pack a few days before you go. The day before, unpack and have a realistic look at what you are taking. Take out those extra items you don't really need. If you are flying budget and taking hand luggage only, check the status of carrying liquids. At present, you are only allowed to carry through security 1 x 20cm x 20cm clear resealable bag containing liquids (and their containers) of no more than 100ml. Things may change in the future. If you are checking in luggage, take as much as you need in your checked bag.

    There is probably a Venice app available for your phone. Check google play or itunes.

    Your hotel should provide a tourist map, but if not, check at the local tourist information office in Venice. Google translate is also a good app. Not only for speaking, but there is a camera option where you point at a sign (or menu) and it will translate. The translations are often off, but you can get the gist of what something is about.

    Don't forget to book travel insurance (if you haven't already) and also an EHIC card. Not sure if the EHIC is going to be valid after Brexit, but your insurance may not cover some things.

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