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What are your favorite TV characters out of these? ?

Daenerys Targaryn (GOT), Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks), Damian Thorn (South Park), Daryl Dixon (TWD), Death (Horrible Histories), Death (South Park), Denise Bryson (Twin Peaks), Dino (The Flintstones), Disco Stu (The Simpsons), Dougie (Derek), Daario Naharis (GOT), Daddy (Keeping up Appearances), Daisy (Keeping Up Appearances), Dale Horvath (TWD), Dana Scully (The X-Files), Daniel & Nathan Sims (Angry Boys), Danny (Dead Set), Daria Morgendoff (Daria), Darlene Connor (Roseanne), Darryl Philbin (the office), David Healy (Roseanne), David Horton (Vicar of Dibley), David Wallace (The Office), Davina McCall (Dead Set), Dawn Lerner (TWD), Deangelo Vickers (The Office), Deanna Monroe (TWD), Denise Cloyd (TWD), Derek Noakes (Derek), Diana Economopoulos (Degrassi), Diana (V), Diane Choksondik (South Park), Diane Evans (Twin Peaks), Dick Tremayne (Twin Peaks), Dolores Abernathy (westworld), Dougie Jones (Twin Peaks), Dr Edwin Jenner (TWD), Dr Emmett Carson (TWD), Dr Harlan Carson (TWD), Dr Robert E Leed s (SATC), Dr Who (Dr Who), Drugged out mother (twin Peaks), Drunk (Twin Peaks), Duana Jones (TWD), Duke of Norfolk (Wolf Hall), Dwayne Myers (Degrassi), Dwight (TWD), Dwight Schrute (The Office), Donna Haywood (Twin Peaks)

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    Dwight from the office, he was awesome!

  • 10 months ago

    homer from the simpsons, costanza from senfield, dexter from the dexter series, lila from the dexter series, and sgt. Angel Batista from dexter.

    you gotta like "negan" from the walking dead series, and his minion, Dwight.

    merle dixon & daryl dixon, the walking dead.

    murphy from "In the Dark", and her dog, pretzel.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Bill Daily in whatever show he was in.

  • 10 months ago

    Daisy (Keeping Up Appearances)

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  • 10 months ago

    Kristen Stewart ...THE TWLIGHT SAGA

  • Kathy
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    10 months ago

    Tess & Andrew from Touched by an Angel

    Abby from NCIS (before she left)

    Grandpa Walton on the Waltons

  • 10 months ago

    Dana Scully, can I give Dwight from The Office honorable mention

  • 10 months ago

    I guess daneerys

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