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How many T.V shows are there in existence?

7 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    36. Since Friends was cancelled.

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  • 8 months ago

    not that easy to count

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  • 8 months ago

    Hundreds of thousands of 'em, and it's hard enough to keep track of just the ones that are good / cult classics, and count the episodes too.

    In my iTune collection alone with "South Park" + "Top Gear" (series 6 - 22 before they ruined it) there's at least 100 episodes of each.

    Just to get a rough idea of how many of just the good / cult classic ones there are (to the extent Yahoo Answers allows the length of an answer to be):

    1) Top Gear

    2) The Grand Tour

    3) The Simpsons

    4) Futurama

    5) South Park

    6) Family Guy

    7) American Dad

    8) Red Dwarf

    9) Battlestar Galactica (the classic series)

    10) Battlestar Galactica (the assorted modern reboot things I wasn't interested in)

    11) Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

    12) Star Trek (the Original Series)

    13) Star Trek: The Next Generation

    14) Star Trek: Deep Space 9

    15) Star Trek: Voyager

    16) Star Trek: Enterprise

    17) Star Trek; Discovery (mixed reactions)

    18) King of the Hill

    19) Knight Rider (the classic series with Hasselhoff)

    20) The Dukes of Hazzard

    21) The A-Team

    22) Home Improvement

    23) Last Man Standing

    24) Roseanne

    25) Friends

    26) Seinfeld

    27) Frasier

    28) This Old House

    29) Ask This Old House

    30) Gardener's World (BBC Gardening show)

    31) Airwolf

    32) Streethawk

    33) The Rugrats

    34) Spongebob

    35) Police Squad: In Color (later rebooted as the "Naked Gun" trilogy movies)

    36) Beavis & Butthead

    37) Bob's Burgers

    38) Brickleberry

    39) The Young Ones (1980's bbc sitcom)

    40) Bottom (1990's BBC sitcom from 2 of the stars of The Young Ones)

    41) Count Duckula

    42) Danger Mouse

    43) Thunderbirds

    44) Thundercats (original series + HD reboot series)

    45) TerrorHawks

    46) Dogtanian

    47) Around the World with Willy Fogg

    48) Due South (1990's Canadian show set in Chicago)

    49) Father Ted

    50) Monty Python's Flying Circus

    51) Fawlty Towers

    52) The Flintstones

    53) The Jetsons

    54) The Good Life (1970's BBC Sitcom)

    55) Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em

    56) 'Til Death Us Do Part (classic British sitcom with Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnett)

    57) All in the Family (American spin-off of 'Til Death Us Do Part)

    58) In Sickness & In Health (sequel to 'Til Death Us Do Part)

    59) Keeping Up Appearances

    60) The Brittas Empire

    61) James May's 20th Century

    62) James May's Man Lab

    63) James May's Toy Stories

    64) James May's Cars of the People

    65) The Larry Sanders Show

    66) Grace Under Fire

    67) Billy Connolly's World Tour of Scotland

    68) Billy Connolly's World Tour of Australia

    69) Billy Connolly's World Tour of England, Ireland & Wales

    70) Billy Connolly's World Tour of New Zealand

    71) Billy Connolly's Route 66

    72) Billy Connolly's Tracks Across America

    73) Men Behaving Badly

    74) The Men Who Built America

    75) America The Story of Us

    76) Mr Bean

    77) Mr Bean - The Animated Series

    78) On the Buses

    79) Dad's Army

    80) Only Fool's and Horses

    81) Open All Hours

    82) The Two Ronnies

    83) Only in America - with Larry the Cable Guy

    84) Oz & James Drink to Britain

    85) A Passion for Angling

    86) John Wilson's Go Fishing

    87) The Pink Panther Show

    88) The Unpleasant World of Penn & Teller (series they did in the UK for Channel4 in 1990's)

    89) The Real Ghostbusters

    90) River Monsters

    91) The Ren & Stimpy Show

    92) Rocko's Modern Life

    93) Ross Kemp on Gangs

    94) Beyond Scared Straight

    95) Louis Theroux (assorted documentary episodes)

    96) The X-Files

    97) 3rd Rock from the Sun

    98) Wacky Races

    99) TJ Hooker

    100) Waiting for God

    101) The Golden Girls

    102) Undercover Boss

    103) The Orville

    104) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    105) Rab C Nesbitt

    106) Yes Minister

    107) Yes Prime Minister

    108) The West Wing

    109) Mankind - The Story of All of Us

    110) How Beer Saved the World

    111) Crocodile Hunter

    112) Croc Files

    113) I Dream of Jeannie

    114) Weaponology

    115) The Addams Family

    116) The Munsters

    117) The Yogi Bear Show

    118) Peanuts / Charlie Brown

    119) Absolutely Fabulous

    120) The Adventures of TinTin

    121) Wheeler Dealers

    122) Duck Rogers

    123) Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries

    124) Tiny Toon Adventures

    125) The Animaniacs

    126) Coach

    127) Tour of Duty

    128) All Creatures Great and Small

    129) Agatha Christie's Poirot (ITV drama series)

    130) Columbo

    131) Jeeves & Wooster

    132) The Detectives (1990's BBC Comedy)

    133) One Foot in the Grave

    134) Inspector Morse

    135) Last of the Summer Wine

    This is just the good ones, and doesn't include trash like Kardashians / Big Brother / I'm a Celebrity / The X-Factor / American Voice / America's Next Top Model and all that stuff..... as well as some ok stuff on the documentary channels + lesser known local / regional stuff

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  • Kathy
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Way too many to count.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago


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  • 8 months ago

    It is nearly impossible to answer this question.

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  • 8 months ago

    Dude, infinite. Every country has more that you don’t know about. You can never know about all of them it’s impossible. Because every season they make so many more.

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