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I don t want to take the goldfish to the vet?

My daughter has had her goldfish for 7 years and it s just laying on the bottom of the tank. She wants me to take it to the vet, she is even willing to spend her savings on it. I think it s a complete waste of money. Would you take a goldfish to the vet? ($70 minimum fee)

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    You have to be the adult and explain that pets die of old age somtimes. It is great that she wants to do everything to care for her pet, but there is no treatment for old age. Some one did a very good job keeping the fish. Be happy about that.

    You might want to have the water tested at a petstore, get a bottle of prime if you dont have one. try feeding the inside of peas, try a tempting food like frozen blood worms for a last weal. You may be able to find a local fish store that would take a look at the fish, or a picture of the fish "less stressfull for the fish"

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    the vet probaby won't be a lot of help anyway. there is a lot you can do though. the goldfish isn't old, they easily live over 20 years, so it's ill. you need to learn about the nitrogen cycle and make sure the water is good quality, and it hasnt been burnt by chrorine, ammonia or nitrite. you may need to also treat the fish for disease. eSHa 2000 is quite a good broad spectrum treatment. others may be better depending on the problem. the fish may need an extra airpump added to the tank, or the food may have changed and not be good enough quality. or it may need worming with levamisole and praziquantel. check the filter is working well. check there is no electric current in the tank. parasites could have enetered with live food or on a plant. or chemicals may have gotten into the tank somehow. make sure there isn't uneaten food in the tank olluting the water.

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    take it to the "vet" by urself and just buy a new one while ur out

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    Im not sure that vets even can examine fish... Majority of medicines for aquariums are readily sold over the counter at pet stores and aquarium stores for that reason.. One can even get antibiotics for fish over the counter (Ive heard of people buying fishmox- which is amoxicillian to use on themselves because they couldn't afford a Dr!).

    You can test the water to see if something is amiss with your PH levels

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  • 11 months ago

    Hi there is no way a vet can revive him. Just buy another one.

  • Jack H
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    11 months ago

    Tell her about death of pets, spend her money on a new fish maybe larger tank and filter, sad...

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    She clearly loves her fish, but honestly my fish died and literally sat in the same spot at the bottom of the tank. It took me a few days to be like, oh my, the fish is dead. I was always told that they will float o the top. I would just hate for her to spend her savings so they can just tell her that the fish is dead.

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    11 months ago

    No,I would not. They most like can not do anything about a fish.

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    I would encourage your daughter to take responsibility for the fish as much as possible, since she seems inclined to and it will be an excellent lesson for her. If she wants to spend her savings on an animal, then she should be able to.

    However, I would recommend that you first have her call the vet and ask whether it should be brought in. They will likely tell her not to, but they may give her helpful advice for her next fish. That way she is still in control of the situation.

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    No, goldfish live to be on average 1-10 years old, sounds like her fish is coming to the end of it's life, and how on earth can a vet examine a goldfish?

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