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I have a question for advanced piano players?

This is one thing that I've always wondered. If I were to hand you a piece of sheet music that you had never played before, would you be able to start playing it (at least decently with only a few minor mistakes) right as soon as I gave it to you? Or would you need time to break down the piece down and determine where to place your hands at certain times and all that sort of stuff?

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    Depends on the technique that the player has - and their sight reading skills. We are 2 career classical musicians and still set goals for ourselves all the time. There is a huge corpus of literature we have learned, so works similar are easily conquered. But we both (flutist, pianist) have our Great White Whales. We have a duo concert in 16 days and are still working like mad - we committed to something exciting, but it is WORK to get it ready. Which is what makes it motivating for us. Once we play all reruns - time to quit, and move into the Drooling Academy.

  • My sight reading has always been excellent; I've always been able to sit down & play a piece right off the bat, never having seen it before, with hardly any mistakes :)  

    Sight reading is different for every individual, just like reading words is :)

    I've been playing piano since I started learning it, at the age of 10 :)

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    For a fairly straightforward piece, the musician would take a few minutes to map out the piece (see where the endings, repeats, signs and coda are), identify and practice any tricky bits, etc., and be pretty much ready to go.

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    Obviously there are some pieces that are so technically difficult to play that no one would be able to do it without preparation and practice.

    In general through it would depend on good a reader the player was. A person who could sight read would be able to do as you suggest. That's not uncommon at all.

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      I am always amazed by folks that can SR from a huge modern score. When I was at Hartt, we had a guy named Steve who astonished us all.

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    Then you should ask them

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