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What should I consider when buying running shoes?

I'm a first time runner, and need to buy some genuine running shoes. I'm going to visit a running store, but can anyone give me any pointers as to what I should consider when making the purchase?

My budget is around $65.

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    You should consider that the only shoes you'll get for $65 are likely to be ones on sale (previous year models) at best (which is not a bad thing, just an FYI).

    The running store staff will know how to gait test you and that should (at the very least) include watching you walk and run without shoes, so they can see what your feet do (do your ankles roll in or out or neither). They'll have you try on various brands of shoes suited for your needs for a neutral or stability shoe, etc. Are you a road runner, trail runner, or running track for school? That'll affect the type of shoe you need too. You'll have the ability to walk around or run in the store in the shoes (possibly even on a treadmill, if you desire). Depending on the store, they may use a more technical method to help determine what you need (I've never been in a store that used video, as Jogger mentioned).

    Where I live, new current year shoes at my local running store, start at around $100 and go up from there (unless they are on sale). For all the force/impact the shoes absorb while you run, they should be something you are willing to spend extra money on if you can afford to do so.

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